Keith Urban goes public with his romance with Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban has finally admitted that he has a relationship with Nicole Kidman and is living with her.

Extra TV reports that he referred to Nicole while he was hosting a country music event: For the first time, Keith Urban is telling the world about being in love with Nicole Kidman. And while on the record, he admitted they’re living together in Nashville.

Urban made the comments during a co-hosting stint on "Country Showdown USA." While he wouldn’t get into wedding rumors, he did say there are some things he and Nicole just can’t do.

There are certain things you want to go do together, and you want your mate to be there, Urban said. But mostly you just try and, you know, pick places where you shouldn’t be going because it’s going to be too crazy.

Things got crazy a week ago when news outlets speculated that Kidman was planning a wedding because she was nowhere to be found. It turns out that she was just spending alone time with Urban.