Selena Gomez Bears Her Belly and Cleavage on Cosmopolitan, Korea Edition

Selena Gomez is the cover girl for Cosmopolitan, yet again, this time, in South Korea. The 19 year old star was recently on the cover of the US edition of Cosmo and it caused a great uproar.

In this April edition, Selena Gomez shows a little less cleavage and a little more ab work and stands almost-full body. She wears a cropped tank top with thin straps and peach colored bottoms. Her skin is beautifully bronzed and her hair is long and curled out at the ends.

She stands confidently with one hands on her hip and the other on her thigh, by the English title: Spring Star Style. Gomez is currently working on the college flick--'Spring Breakers,' along side Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson. She has been filming in Florida for the last few weeks. The film is not due until 2013.